• Solar Panel:

We provide solar panels of all types, namely: polycrystalline, monocrystalline and thinfilm. The panels are sourced from reputed and experienced manufacturers from China, Taiwan and Germany. The manufacturers we associate with are IEC and TUV certified and offers 20 years or more guarantees for their panels. Our panel comes with necessary accessories and mounting structures and guarantees to endure the extreme environmental situations of Bangladesh. The panels are available at different capacities in the range from 50W to 230W.

  •  Solar Home Systems:

Greenergy Solutions Ltd. offers you the service of full installation of Solar Home Systems integrating all necessary components of the system including the solar collector/panel, inverter, battery or storage system, charge controller and electrical loads (e.g. fan, light, TV and others). We offer two years free service warranty for the systems with respective guarantee for the components.

  • Solar powered IPS:

We offer integrated solar powered back-up systems which can serve the functionality of IPS at homes or offices. The back-up system can be customized according to client need for apartment buildings and commercial establishments. This system is suitable for locations where grid power is used as the primary source of electricity and solar back-up system will be activated when the grid power is out.

  •  Solar Water Pump:

Solar water pumps are primarily designed for the irrigation purpose and are available in both submersible and non-submersible forms. We source the pumps from German and Chinese manufacturers and provide long guarantee for the

technical components.


We can also supply solar mobile chargers, solar lanterns and some other utility products which are handy for your day-to-day needs.


  •  Vertical Axis Wind Turbine


  •  High Power LED

We supply and sell high power LED lights for household and commercial facilities and we provide LED street lights. We source the LED lighting equipments from a world renowned manufacturer from Taiwan who are one of the leading manufacturers in this discipline.

  •  CFL

We supply and sell energy saving bulbs in conjunction with our solar systems and independently. The compact fluorescent lamps are sourced from reputed international manufacturers from UK, China and India which comes with international certification and attractive product warranties.

  •  Smart Meter

Integrated Systems:

  •  Building Management System
  •  Hybrid Power Systems
  •  Integrated Back-up Systems for Buildings