About us

Greenergy Solutions Limited is committed to drive the Green revolution in Bangladesh.Bangladesh, being a country of sustainable ecomonic growth faces an increasing demand for energy. This, combined with the fact that Bangladesh is also one of the worst hit countries by Climate Change, provides Bangladesh with a perfect platform to adopt a low
carbon economic development through increased applications of renewable energy technologies. Greenergy Solutions Ltd. aims to contribute to this Green Development of Bangladesh through our innovative products and services pertaining to energy and environmental solutions. We perceive highest degree of professionalism and excellence in service quality as our enroute to success. At the heart of Greenergy, the passion for contributing to the green environment drives the performance. Passion with performance sets our standards.

  •  Vision:

Greenergy Solutions Ltd. envisions being the leading provider of renewable energy

technologies and environmental solutions in Bangladesh.

  •  Mission:

Our mission is to deliver innovative, suitable and unique solutions to business entities

and consumers who seek to adopt greener approaches for sustainable growth and


  •  Strategic and Technical Partners:
  • Tokai Power Products Limited
  •  Hamko Corporation